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 My 3 Day water fast experience: So, I’ve been toying with the idea of an extended period of fasting for a very long time now. I had first gotten the idea from listening to countless hours of podcasts about the Keto Diet. Dr. Jason Fung, a Canadian physician who is regarded as one of the world leaders in fasting, has listed many benefits and even went so far as to state that, in his opinion, ‘If you want to remain cancer-free for life, fast for 7 days a year, every year.’ So, @tannahharris and I have embarked on a 3-Day water fast after he set the date, and here are my experiences as I’m going through it. Also: we SMASHED a braai with potato salad AND another 2 pizzas when we got home the night before. Last meal Sunday 16 Feb 8pm DAY 1 experience in comments below: ⬇️⬇️⬇️  Low carb Lasagne! (Better than the original!) Armand Kook Kaal Pic: @donnalewisza Styling: @mfvanrooyen #kookkaal #keto #lowcarb #cookbook  Geluk my lief. Ek en jy  dankie vir die journey tot dusver. Sien jou amperrrrr
 3 Day Water Fast. Day 1. 12 hours in. Will keep you updated re experience. @tannahharris and I have spoken about doing this for months and months and finally taking the plunge together. We usually do a 16-18 hours fast daily anyway, and I have once before done a 36 hours fast while shooting Die Boekklub S2. I remember heightened focus and clarity. Let’s see what happens... #WaterFast #keto #fasting #intermittentfasting  Dark chocolate and orange mousse... A fool-proof favourite! Armand Kook Kaal! Pic: @donnalewisza Styling: @mfvanrooyen #kookkaal #keto #banting #lowcarb #cookbook  Lekker Bril. Post Afrikaans is Groot naweek! 🥰 Bril het fantastiese aanbiedings! 1. @hello_bril het ‘n ‘home try-on’ offer waar julle drie rame kan kies, hulle koerier dit na julle en julle kry ’n paar dae om dit aan te pas by die huis. 2. Die rame begin onder R990 3. Jy kan jou brille in 4 paaiemente afbetaal 4. Hulle gebruik Zeiss voorskrif lense. Gaan check hulle uit! Die beste brille en die beste mense!  #HelloBril #bril #eyewear #optical #uberselfie
 Prawn & Ricotta ‘Pasta’ Armand Kook Kaal Pic: @donnalewisza Styling 🥗: @mfvanrooyen #kookkaal #keto #lowcarb #banting  Chili Chocolate Sushi anyone? Armand Kook Kaal! #kookkaal #banting #lowcarb #keto #cookbook Photo: @donnalewisza Styling: @mfvanrooyen  Was SO lekker (en ‘n eer vir MY) om saam met @bibi_the_change te kom gym... baie dankie @carolinejooste for the amazing session!!! Dit was die MEESTE pret! #gymlife #fitfun #funfit #usn.
 Baked Thai Fish. Armand Kook Kaal Pic: @donnalewisza Styling 🥗: @mfvanrooyen #kookkaal #keto #lowcarb #banting  #tb 2014 En kyk nou net... sou NOOIT gedink het dat ek 5 jaar later ook sulke kos-demos as kookboekskrywer in eie reg sou aanbied nie. The future is mysteriously magical... ❤️🦄  Maestro fotograaf @willembotha