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 Up your tape-tape-game! Here we go! 6 Day Self Tape Online Course! Only R699!! 10% off for first 2 bookings for more info. #selftape #acting #onlinecourse #film #audition  5-Dag ‘Self Tape’ Kursus!  Ek is baie opgewonde om julle uit te nooi om by my heel EERSTE aanlyn kursus aan te sluit. Oor die afgelope 11 jaar as akteur in die vermaaklikheidsbedryf, het ek kosbare ervaring opgedoen wat ek nou met julle wil deel. Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling, Die Boekklub, Krotoa, Knapsekêrels, Getroud met Rugby en meer... Vanaf 6 April gaan ek ‘n weeklange, 100% aanlyn kursus aanbied om jou spel- en oudisievernuf te skaaf en te verbeter . Oop vir enige iemand wat tans oudisie, vir dié wat pas begin het en selfs vir dié wat nog NOOIT toneel gespeel het nie en dood eenvoudig wil begin - ek sal jou lei. Gebruik hierdie tyd gedurende die inperking a.g.v. COVID-19 om kreatief te wees, om jouself uit te daag, om iets nuuts te begin, om te oefen en om te spéél! 🤹‍♂️ Stuur ‘n e-pos aan: vir verdere inligting. Plekke beperk. Eerste 5 plekke teen 10% afslag! 🥳🥳 #Acting #actor #Toneel #Spel #Afrikaans #Afrikaansefilms #Oudisie 1st : @_iamjacob 2nd : @willembotha  Day 3 - Final Day So, I am actually writing this on Day 4; morning post feast. Day 3 was great! I was super productive and the hunger pangs from the day before were minimal. It actually felt like I could continue beyond the 3 days. What was difficult was knowing that I would break the fast, again, thought about food a lot. As a matter of fact, that was the most challenging part of this fast for me - having food constantly on the brain… urgh! I broke my fast with at a friend’s house at around 7pm; unfortunately not with Tannah as he has a pre-booked date with another friend. I had some olives and kosher chicken broth to start, then a 500g sirloin on the bone, 2 slices of toasted sourdough with butter and 2 glasses of red! BEST MEAL EVER! Closing thought Having gone through this now, I know what to expect. I know that hunger pangs won’t be unbearable. I know that I will have energy and be productive. I know that I will not die. I know that my mind and body did something I thought was not possible for me...and that is incredibly empowering. I am going to try do this more often. I will also be trying out A.D.F - Alternate Day Fasting. Also possibly 24hr fasts, meaning only eat (a HUGE) dinner of about 1500kcal but trying to get in least 120-150g protein at that meal. This morning my stomach feels more empty than when I started the fast - not hungry just hollow… Tannah and I have another feast planned for this evening and going to fast till tonight again! BOOOMSHAKALAKA byeeeeee #fasting #keto #waterfast #3dayfast
 My friend preaching! @laurenconchar 🧩  Heart... Melt ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #SouthAfricanPride 🇿🇦 @checkers_sa @woolworths_sa @shopritesa @picknpay @my_spar  Day 2 Water Fast Experience Ok, so today was a little more volatile; pro’s and con’s Let’s start with the cons: I’m really thinking about food…A LOT! and it’s not that I’m particularly hungry, more just the fact that I have cheese in my fridge and I know I can’t touch it…fok! The only other con I can think of is that now that I can’t eat, I’m drinking a lot! Like it’s become a total crutch... 7 or so cups of herbal tea, 3 cups bone broth and 1 L sparkling water. But let’s face it, there could be worse things. Pro’s: I slept for 9 whole hours!!! I am a great sleeper but 9 hours isn’t something that happens often -usually 7hours is what I aim for. Tannah has been getting up at 5am, so lately it’s been more like 6 hours of sleep… Last night though, was magical. I had a dream about a huge McDonalds burger that, no matter how much I ate, never seemed to get any smaller… not sure if that’s pro or con tough. I’ve had almost zero physical constraints; no fatigue, no headache, no irritability. In fact I’ve got a little more energy than usual. I feel very focused, but then again I was quite forgetful today - perhaps it was that very focus which just made me aware of my usual forgetfulness that I’ve never noticed before…? Heh...? 🤪 I am not going to the gym during this fast - it’s my first fast and I don’t want to overdo things. Plus, I also stopped smoking 10 days ago, so I’ve got quite enough on my very empty plate thank you very much! I actually think that this fast is doing me an AMAZING favour with regards to my smoking withdrawals: not smoking seems like a breeze when faced with NOT EATING! OK, that’s it for Day 2. Tomorrow is the last day and will be breaking the fast at around 7pm… Details to follow…
 Ek is geruk... Dankie liefste @vrouekeur! Julle ondersteuning, elke jaar sedert Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling in 2015, is ‘n ongelooflike riem onder die hart. Aan ‘The late, Ivan Naudé’, @robert_hamblin_za en @willembotha dankie vir die pragtige voorblaaie... @eldaleen dankie ek onthou nog ons eerste geselsie by die lapa in Bloemfontein by ‘n gastehuis voor Ballade se premiere... al die joernaliste, my hart is saam met julle almal. Dankie vir die liefde Vrouekeur ❤️❤️❤️ #DankieVrouekeur #EndOfAnEra  Lockdown Day 1. These two however, have been in ‘Romantic Lockdown’ for 44 years today! ❤️ Thanks for showing us that it can be done! SO LIEF! ❤️❤️  My 3 Day water fast experience: So, I’ve been toying with the idea of an extended period of fasting for a very long time now. I had first gotten the idea from listening to countless hours of podcasts about the Keto Diet. Dr. Jason Fung, a Canadian physician who is regarded as one of the world leaders in fasting, has listed many benefits and even went so far as to state that, in his opinion, ‘If you want to remain cancer-free for life, fast for 7 days a year, every year.’ So, @tannahharris and I have embarked on a 3-Day water fast after he set the date, and here are my experiences as I’m going through it. Also: we SMASHED a braai with potato salad AND another 2 pizzas when we got home the night before. Last meal Sunday 16 Feb 8pm DAY 1 experience in comments below: ⬇️⬇️⬇️
 These amazing ones! Thank you for showing up everyday! For playing, sharing and learning! Hierdie was spesiaal vir my! ❤️❤️❤️ Next course coming soon...!  Wat ‘n ongelooflike naweek by @moditlolodge - ‘n stukkie PARADYS!DANKIE @cobusvdberg @rudovh en @alanka_craffert vir die AMAZING onthaal, moeite en liefde in die Bos! Ek en @edbeukes was weg geblaas! Banting in die Bos! #kookkaal #moditloriverlodge #safari #africa  3 Day Water Fast. Day 1. 12 hours in. Will keep you updated re experience. @tannahharris and I have spoken about doing this for months and months and finally taking the plunge together. We usually do a 16-18 hours fast daily anyway, and I have once before done a 36 hours fast while shooting Die Boekklub S2. I remember heightened focus and clarity. Let’s see what happens... #WaterFast #keto #fasting #intermittentfasting